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I consider myself very fortunate to have been represented in my divorce by Rose Ann Feldman.  I considered her the “calm during the storm”.  Divorce is not easy no matter who you choose to help you navigate your way through it.  But Rose Ann truly did make the circumstances more bearable.  I have recommended her many times and this is what I tell people when I insist that they call her:  “She is tough but is also compassionate.  If she needs to be firm, she will be firm.  She was a former prosecuting attorney for the city of St. Louis and is not easily bullied by other attorneys or their clients.  She has a big heart, too, and is a good listener—but will never just tell you what she thinks you want to hear.”  I am so grateful to Rose Ann for her guidance, knowledge and wisdom.  She was so instrumental in helping me and my children to move on with our lives after our divorce.

“Good Job, Rose Ann”     

-On the back of an iPod given by a client.

“I recently went through a divorce after nearly 13 years of marriage.  Although my initial thoughts were that it would be a fairly straightforward process, but unfortunately, I had to fight a bitter custody battle for nearly nine months just to safeguard my basic rights as a father.

At first, I hired a Clayton law firm that appeared to have all the bells and whistles.  Then came the first bill.  I was shocked  to see how a simple one-hour  task ended up becoming several hours by the army of professionals who were so eager to serve me.  After a few months of extreme financial bleeding, I got rid of that law firm and hired Rose Ann Feldman to represent me.  It didn’t take long for me to realize what a great decision it was for me to hire Rose Ann.

Rose Ann truly was a breath of fresh air to me.  She was radically honest in her billing practices and I found her to be an extremely bright attorney.  She was totally down to earth and she was a great listener too.  I honesty can’t say enough good things about Rose Ann

I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for an honest and bright family attorney.”

-Website post from a client:

Every time you got up to speak, the jurors all turned to look at you.  When your opponent got up to speak, they to ignore him.  The jury believed you.  I truly believe that God sent you to me.

-Email from a client who won a million dollar verdict
after only 40 minutes of jury deliberation