Don’t Gamble When Getting A Divorce. Hire An Attorney.

Not having an attorney represent you in a divorce is like gambling.

When you get a divorce, you are ending a relationship that has business characteristics. The marriage has property (retirement accounts, pensions, bank accounts and real estate, for example). But some married individuals think of this property belongs solely to one person and not to the married couple.

In Missouri, property obtained during the marriage is considered marital property and that includes the items listed above. There are exceptions to this law. Section 452.330 Revised Statutes of Missouri. Lawyers are expensive, but if you allow your spouse to convince you that you have no right to this property, then you are giving up property that belongs also to you.

If you obtain a divorce without an attorney, you are gambling.

Don't gamble with your divorceAnother comment I hear from clients is that their spouse is threatening to cut the other spouse off of the health insurance plan.
Under Missouri law, once a divorce action is filed in the courts, no party is permitted to cancel health, dental or vision insurance of the other party or child of the marriage. Section 452.317 Revised Statutes of Missouri. I have heard clients say that their spouse has threatened to cancel their health insurance. This is not permitted in Missouri.

One of the reasons to have an attorney for a divorce is to educate you about your rights. If you do not have an attorney, you have no advocate. You may unwittingly agree to give away rights or property rightfully belong to you. I offer free initial consultations. Call me to set up an appointment.