Custody During The Holidays When You Are A Parent

Eight Commandments for Surviving Christmas Custody is a very good article for suggestions during the holidays if you are separated or divorced from your child’s parent.  Holidays can be very challenging for parents as well as children.  You are not the only person experiencing this challenge.

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Don’t Gamble When Getting A Divorce. Hire An Attorney.

Not having an attorney represent you in a divorce is like gambling. When you get a divorce, you are ending a relationship that has business characteristics. The marriage has property (retirement accounts, pensions, bank accounts and real estate, for example). But some married individuals think of this property belongs solely to one person and not…

Feldman Law - Parenthood

Parenthood is like a corporation

Parenthood is like a corporation. Its sole assets are the children. The parents comprise the board of directors which govern the corporation. The duty of the board of directors is to preserve the assets of the corporation. If the assets are allowed to dissipate, the corporation will fold. Parents should try to govern together like…

Service by Facebook

A court in New York has permitted a wife to have her husband served by Facebook in a divorce case.  The wife had tried unsuccessfully to locate her husband, but did not know where he lived or worked.  Consequently, he could not be served by personal service, substitute service (giving the petition to an adult…

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Divorce FAQ

When you have made the decision to obtain a divorce, get knowledgeable on what to do. There are several important factors at stake to consider.